Hindi movies: the Change That Comes with the Progress

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Hindi movies are indeed spectacular and, among other movies, have the power to overwhelm their audience, with their sentimental approach.

Songs are the basis of any Bollywood movie, so the lyricist, as well as the music director, has a substantial role. It is true that, during the years, there have been some major changes in this area, but they have come along with the modernization of the Hindi society, experienced in different levels of life, including household and way of thinking and acting.

The change is very important for the country and it has also affected the way movies and movie soundtracks are seen. The new approach is cooler, trying to keep the young ones close; many music styles are used in movies, including hip hop, rock and funk.

bollywood dancing by Kevin Dooley creativecommons by Kevin Dooley

In order for the change to be complete, the locations for the shoot have also faced some serious changes, going from the classic Indian locations to foreign shores, but keeping and even increasing the scenic character.

The change in the shooting locations has brought freshness and innovation to Hindi movies; Italy, New Zeeland, Australia, England, Mauritius, Bali, Manila and so on; Indians went out to conquer the world. Presently, India has the largest production of films, which is resulting in the increasing number of different languages translations and subtitles.

If you want to see how the Indian cinematography has changes, you should not miss these 3 reference Bollywood films:

1.    Mughale E Azam (1960)

Completing this film was a long process, which lasted several years. The film is centered on an extravagant love story, revolving around a prince and a court dancer. The end is very dramatic and heavy. This can be easily compared with Romeo and Juliet – in the Hindi interpretation.

2.    Sholay (1975)

The film tells the story of two sloppy crooks, hired to take out a cruel bandit.  It is thought to be the highest grossing Indian movie.

3.    Gadar Ek Prem Katha (2001)

This is one of the more modern Hindi movies, being released in 2001. It is actually an authorized blockbuster, showing how people are capable of anything for love. Rebellion, bravery and the magnetic power of love – all of them are captured by this film.

Progress and innovation have always played a big role in art, despite the fact that the general rules and values will always remain and will always be extremely valuable. Hindi movies are also progressing and are making room for new emotions and approaches.